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Meeting times and location alternate between noon at the InterContinental and 5:01 PM at the University Club of St. Paul. Please see Event Calendar for details
What is Healing Touch? Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing and heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle intentional touch that assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch is a collection of standardized non-invasive techniques that clear, energize and balance the human and environmental energy fields. The goal of Healing Touch is to promote healing and to improve the body's ability to heal. Healing Touch is used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospice, and in private practices around the world.
The Reverend Joanie Delamater is a trained and certified Healing Touch Practitioner with twenty-five years of experience. She is also an Episcopal priest, wife, mother and teacher. Joanie enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolor, snow skiing, boating, yoga, pilates, Zumba and golf. She lives in Woodbury with her husband, Jim, a member of St. Paul Rotary.
Meeting ID: 825 184 8268

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Or, join by Phone:  (312) 626-6799 or (346) 248-7799
At 12:20 pm on June 29th at the Intercontinental Hotel, President Todd Nicholson opened the meeting. Bob Cardinal provided the inspirational minute about the fall harvest prayer and the 4-way test. Rita Dibble introduced Greg Mergens, who attended the meeting and will speak to the club in two weeks. Carolyn Will and Jason Bradshaw were greeters and Linda Mulhern, the scribe. Todd wanted to thank our tech team for their help with the hybrid meeting format.
John Andrews introduced two “new” Rotarians that were previously St Paul Rotarians, Shelly Rucks and Beth Naughton who will be helping to line up speakers for the club meetings and the 5:01 meetings.
Bryan Donaldson introduced Elizabeth Emerson, Vice President of Goff Public. The company started in the 1960s doing work in advertising, but now focuses on public relations and public opinions. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits, in particular with crisis communications in areas of diversity, and community engagement. Currently, customers are looking for help with government relations relative to activists or people interested in a topic, advocates or people willing to send an email or speak to the legislature or lobbyists another word for “a hired-gun”. Customers need help to think through advocacy with help of engaging employees or interested people. Election year 2022 will be important since Tim Walz will be running again, with Republicans criticizing him as a “pandemic” governor that needs to walk the line while including the big umbrella of the Democratic Party. A number of Republicans will be running for governor, which has created new openings in the legislature. They will talk about issues including Minneapolis public safety decisions, and why they should be the governor versus Walz. Redistricting will also be needed due to the recent census and most likely a decision will not be made by January 2022 due to a split legislature and will have to go the courts for a decision. Most likely with the redistricting, Democrats will be running against a fellow Democrat or Republicans against a fellow Republican for a newly created district. Money will be coming from the federal governor due to the pandemic, but may create a slow down in the economy once the money slows down from Washington DC. Likewise, important decisions will most likely be pushed further down the road due to the discourse in the government. The biggest obstacle for making any big decisions is the lack of respect for conflicting opinions and therefore no one is sharing any ideas to resolve the big issues.
President Todd presented a certificate to Elizabeth for her presentation and a donation will be made in her name to “Cherish All Children”.
Kathy Bjerke asked for additional volunteers for the Water tent at the Jazz Festival this weekend, one more volunteer will be needed for the Saturday 5:30-7:30 pm shift and three more volunteers for the 7:30-9:30 pm shift.
There were a number of happy dollars contributed including Doug Hartford for one of his pictures to be displayed in Minneapolis, Beth will be having a legacy lunch with the Minnesota Historical Society when the Split Rock light master will speak about his time working at the lighthouse, Bill Collins's brother, Michael wrote a new book, called the “All Bleeding Stops”, Ken Crabb spoke about the Rotary zone institute for the Midwest and Texas, of which next year’s Rotary zone institute will be in Bloomington next year from 9/15-9/18/22, Brianna Vujovich will be traveling to Nashville next week and Rita Dibble connecting with our new Rotary members about major grant fundraising.
President Todd adjourned the meeting at 1:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Mulhern
President Todd Nicholson announced a few changes in format for 5:01 Meetings
- We will start with social time until 5:15, then the program will start
- We will add in some fun celebrations including recognizing birthdays, years of membership & more
Our speaker was Anoop Mathur from the Arden Hills and Shoreview Rotary Club.  He shared information about their project to build and install four little free libraries. September is Rotary International's literacy month.  Anoop noted that the District 5960 is collecting photos of literacy projects that have happened in the past year.  If you have any photos, send to Kathy Hughitt.
The Arden Hills and Shoreview Rotary Club designed, built & installed 4 Little Free Libraries in their community. They asked for community input, focusing on neighborhoods where kids have little access to books. The locations are Lake Johanna Fire Station, near Sitzer Park, near Freeway Park in Arden Hills. The 4th one is still to be installed.
It was a team effort between club carpenters, others who painted, assembled & installed.  They worked to get many people from the Club involved.  The books were purchased from organizations that focus on getting books into the hands of kids.
The Rotary Club of Arden Hills & Shoreview is partnering with Lakeshore Players Theatre to present a fundraising event called "Shoreview Live."  The event will take place 7-9:00 PM on Thursday evening, September 23rd, in the Shoreview Room of the Shoreview Community Center.  More information here:
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