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President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm and recognized the meeting volunteers -- including today’s Scribe Valdi Stefanson, Door Greeter Carolyn Will and our great A/V Tech Team of Matt Magers. Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdrazil.
Former President John Andrews provided an “Educational Moment” regarding our just-recited Pledge of Allegiance.  John informed that this pledge began in 1892 as a means of teaching kids civics.  Interestingly, in 1954 it was revised by adding the phrase “under God”.   (an homage to President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address – and a way of differentiating from “godless” Russia in those Cold War days.)  Last, John noted that no one can be compelled to recite the pledge.
Former President Michael-Jon Pease introduced a couple of guests in the room.  Ken Schaefer introduced speaker Ron Peluso, recently retired Artistic Director of the St Paul History Theatre.   Ron spoke of a proud career including over 90 productions throughout his 27 year career.  The History Theatre creates plays that tell the story of America – “warts and all”  (after all, no one is perfect”)    In short, real stories about real people – our heroes - where their lives are put on stage, as we collectively remember and wrestle with our local history.
No other theatre has its unique focus.  Difficult topics are featured.  Highwayman for example, tells of the fracturing of the Rondo neighborhood.  The Watermelon Hill play  tells of the Catholic Infant Home that housed and supported young women and their illegitimate infants.  Ron spoke of the impactful and inciteful post-production “talk back” sessions after the show, where audience members  participate with the production cast in a Q & A session.    
Christopher Taykalo collected for Happy Dollars.  Ironically, Christopher himself is performing in  the Ragtime production at The Morris Park Players Theatre – March 30th – April 16th.  He noted that if ticket buyers enter “Christopher” while registering, they will receive a price discount.
 Next 501 Inspirational Lounge (April 4, 2023)
Speaker – Shelly RucksClub Meeting Venue Update
Next Signature Lunch Meeting (Tuesday, April 11, 2022) 
Speaker – Robb Hiller, CEO and author: Performance Solutions – Running with Joy
NOTE: No club meeting on Tuesday April 18th.  Please support Rotary Community Forum on April 19th
Ken Crabb introduced a club 10 volunteering opportunity:  Meet at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, April 20th and Saturday, April 29th --- approx 10 am to 2 pm.  Duties include providing experiments to Museum guests (we will be trained) and also attend a Rotary Information Table.  Speak to Ken if you have questions.
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
University Club – Saint Paul Minnesota
David Dominic, President,  called the meeting to order and announced and thanked the meeting volunteers:
  • Scribe - Ken Schaefer
  • Greeter - Bill Collins
  • Technology Team - Matt Majors, Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdrazil
  • Visiting Rotarians, Guests, and Happy Dollars - Brianna Haglin
The pledge of allegiance was recited, followed by the Rotary Four-Way test.
Brianna Haglin introduced visiting Rotarians Pam McClanahan and Carol Russell from the Minneapolis City of Lakes Club.
Our guest speaker was Jen Moberg, the Emergency Department Director of at Regions Hospital.  Jen provided background on Regions’ emergency department that includes a level one trauma center.  Regions services the East Metro and Western Wisconsin areas.   The presentation and Q&A were well-received by the members.
Happy dollars were led by Brianna Haglin as well as club announcements, including:
  • Ron Peluso, the recently retired Artistic Director of History Theatre.  Ron will speak at our Signature luncheon on March 28th.
  • Shelly Rucks will lead a discussion of club venues at the April 4 “501”.
  • Robb Hiller, CEO and author from Performance Solutions is our speaker for the Signature luncheon on April 11.
  • There is no Tuesday meeting on April 19 with members encouraged to attend the 17th annual Sunrise Forum on Wednesday, April 19. The forum will run from 7:15 to 9:15 AM and with the topic “The Crisis is Ours - Kids Schools and Mental Health”. The forum will be held at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis located at 10 Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.   President Dominick will donate $500 to RCSP Foundation if 20 members attend.   Register at
  • The club has a social event scheduled for Thursday, March 4, 2023, at a performance of The Defeat of Jesse James at the History Theatre. The play starts at 7:30 and there is a social hour scheduled for 5:30 PM at the nearby Camp Bar. 
  • Members were encouraged to invite guests and perspective members to the forum and the play. 
After these announcements, the meeting was adjourned.
President Dave opened the meeting and Bill Collins ‘s Inspirational Minutes was the prayer
 May the Road rise up to meet you.” He explained that the translation for this is may you have success.  Jonah Yang brought a guest whose name is Cory Vang. B. Kyle for the St. Paul Chamber spoke to us. St Paul’s Chamber is the second largest in the state.  She opened with the economy in St. Paul” 2022 was a good year for us.  GDP grew 2.1% and we are still growing.  Incidentally Ireland grew 11% ! Interest rates – expect that one more point this year.  Inflation is still going up.  Our employment is at 2.9% this year.  Interest rates are supposed to tighten the inflation, but we will see. Tech companies are still laying off to correct from the pandemic.   Wage pressures continue.  More people looking for work.  PMI-Purchasing Managers index- is the place where they look for information.  Manufacturing did well during the pandemic, and that will slow down some in 2023. Orders are picking up for spring.  Lots of replacement hiring going on. Real Estate in Downtown- short term leases that were popular during pandemic, are being re-negotiated.  There is a 25% vacancy rate in both Mpls and St. Paul.  Pandemic slowed building down some.  There are 5 big St Paul projects going on. The Heights- still being built.  Ford Plant – The Bridges- is going strong and should be finished by 2024.  The Rivers Edge Project (old jail site) needs to get funding form the legislature, but still being built.  THE Hollow Is a private building of people of color.  US bank stepped up to help fund this.  And Pedro Park should be built this summer, with lots of water fountains.  They feel that helping the homeless is a moral responsibility of St. Paul.  Solving the Youth offenders is another place ST. Paul is helping.  John Choi and Bob Fletcher are supporting the program the city is doing.  Since St. Paul has a lot of non taxable buildings, they are going to the legislature to fund local government. Tax leveling for our city vs services is off due to the great number of tax free buildings. Pot holes was on the groups mind this day, and they are planning something,  but too early to say when it will be implemented.  Amanda Duerr also spoke and she is the Vice President of Affairs at the Chamber.
Submitted by scribe: Laurie Murphy
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 5:25 pm. at the University Club.
The initial gathering was 17 Rotarians, one visitor, and several on zoom.   President Dave had all present stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the 4-Way Test.
Welcome Greeter – Patrick Brault.
Tech Team – Matt Magers, Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdravil.
Bill Collins introduced visiting Rotarians and guests which numbered one. 
President Dave announced six members with March birthdays, and 12 Rotarians with multiple
years of membership.  Of the 12, Scott Vann led with most years as a member – 44 years with Saint Paul Rotary. 
The program presented by President Dave titled “Rotary Tools for Making Connections 101”  This included: How to access your Saint Paul Rotary Account. ClubRunner. Member Quick Links. My Rotary Member Dashboard. Your Member Status. Rotary International.
The three presenters, past President Michael-Jon Pease, past District Governor Ken Crabb, and also President Dave Dominick.  Happy Dollars were collected by Bill Collins.  Club announcements  presented by President Dave Dominick.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm.
Best question of the 5:01 meeting:  Who is Paul Harris? 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Cardinal M: 651-398-1457
P.S.  Save the Date.   April 19, 2023   --  Rotary Annual Community Forum
Rotary Minutes Feb. 28, 2023
President Dave opened the meeting with the pledge of Allegiance. Then the 4 way Test and the Inspirational minute were read by Bob Cardinal. Ken Schaefer introduced new member Tamara Sparrow, who has purchased Landmark Jewelers.  Jay Pfaender introduced our speaker Tom Leonard, from Fury Motors. Fury Motors has 3 locations and 300 employees. Tom is an industry expert on the new trends coming out of the car industry.  He opened by asking us what we drove?  It was 50/50 small car, vans to trucks and large SUVs.  We are all driving cars with ICE or internal combustion engines. Buying a car today is much easier for the sales people. People are much more knowledgeable about what cars they want to purchase. In the past people went to 4 or 5 dealers , now they go to 2 . People have pre-shopped on line.  Sales agents are much better trained today as well.  In 1990 there were 24,000 dealerships in the USA. IT is down to 15,000 today and he predicts it will be much lower in 5 years, to 2,000.  Big companies are buying up smaller dealerships.  The only constant is change in this industry.  He predicts that there will be very few leased cars options available, and no rental cars.  Self driving cars are not the things anymore.  All this is due to Government mandates and global warming. In 2026 the car must be able to give us 49 miles to the gallon. (ZEV or Zero emission vehicles.)  But the biggest issue is that where is the electric power coming from if we all go the Electric cars? Where will they build the power plants to keep up with demand? How will the grids in each state handle this? This is a major problem for the USA.  The CARB – California Air Resource Board  - is an unelected board of commissioners.  Within the new 2 years we will have these unrealistic standards in Minnesota.   40% of Cars sold in the USA will be Battery powered in 2030.  BY 2035 we will have a charging problem in the USA. Hence the power issue.  But we will have gas for another 50 years he predicts. Battery powered cars have winter snow issues, left turns issues, and logistic problems.  So in Minnesota what happens to the corn growers and ethanol producers?  They are out of business! But Walz will need to support the corn growers!   In 2023 we should have produced 16 million new cars, but we only produced 12 million, so we have a short fall.  You will need to ramp up your voltage in your garage to 220 volts for the chargers!  There will be a lot of companies out there to claim recycled batteries also. That will be a big business! Again, what will we drive even next year? ! Submitted by Scribe: Laurie Murphy
Rotary Minutes 2/21/2023 – Finding Treasures in Your Jewelry Box
Ken Schaefer  greeted members at the door.  President Dave Dominick welcomed all at 5:25 pm and called the meeting to order.  The pledge of allegiance was said by all.
President Dave led us in the Four-Way Test.  Heidi Fisher introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.  Attendance was lower this evening due to a big winter storm in the forecast but we had a handful of online attendees.
Sarah Kolar introduced the program.  The speaker was Tamara Sparrow, the new owner of Landmark Jewelers.  She started by letting people know they can enter to win tickets to My Fair Lady at the Ordway if they stop into Landmark Jewelers!  She went on to recommend that every person, regardless of gender, should have a jewelry box to keep their valuable pieces safe and organized.  The bulk of the program was spent talking about how to tell the difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry.  Here were some of Tamara’s tips:
  • Stamping on jewelry (Ex: 14k, 10k, PLAT, numbers…)
  • Color – usually real gold is darker where gold plating is a brighter yellow
  • If you see fading, it means that plating is coming off the base metal.
  • Weight – real pieces tend to weigh more, but not always, depends on material
  • Magnet – if something has a base metal, it may stick to the magnet, gold is not magnetic
  • Seeing some rainbow colors?  Probably not a real diamond. Real diamond reflects more white light.
  • Breathe on it – Real diamond will evaporate moisture quicker, fake stones will stay fogged up longer
  • Scratched up?  Probably not real, takes a lot to scratch a diamond
  • Foil Back?  Probably not a real diamond
  • Real Pearls are gritty, if you rub it on your tooth it will feel like sandpaper
  • Typically, jewelers will not set real stones in something that is plated.
  • None of these strategies work 100% of the time so the best thing to do is to bring it to a professional like at Landmark Jewelers!
Tamara took some questions from members in attendance.  She said diamonds have a different glow than white sapphire that can be detected by a trained eye.  There was a question about conflict diamonds.  Tamara said things have gotten a lot better with how diamonds are sourced and lab grown diamonds are becoming more popular as well.
At the end of the program, President Dave told Tamara she’s a real “gem”!
Heidi Fisher collected Happy Dollars.  Club Announcements by President Dave Dominick mentioned our Signature Luncheon on 2/28 featuring guest speaker Tom Leonard of Fury Motors, our next 5:01 meeting on 3/7 which will be an overview of Rotary Tech presented by Club Members, and our meeting on March 14th which will be used to discuss our Club Visioning.  Save the date of April 19th which will be our Rotary Community Forum, the theme will be Mental Health Crisis in our Schools.  There will be no regular meeting that week. 
Ken Schaefer reminded us all about the Skiing event this weekend, Feb 26th.  Information can be found on the front page of the website or in The Hub!
Adjournment followed at 6 pm. 
Scribe, Amanda Mai.
Rotary Minutes Feb. 14, 2023
President elect Heidi Fisher was filling in for Dave today. Susan was the greeter (she was formerly a Club 9 President!), Matt Majors and Dave Wolfman were the tech team, Inspirational minute and Pledge was  Peter Grayson, and John Chandler introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.  HEIDI played A greeting from Jennifer Jones our Rotary international President.  The Inspirational Minute was the bible verse “Love is patient” !
Shelly Rucks introduced our speaker: The President of Catholic Charities, Michael Goar. He has been President and CEO since 2020.   He spoke about their mission of the homeless. We have about 8,000 people in Minnesota who are chronically homeless.  He has a Masters from Mankato State.  Catholic Charities is 150 years old!  Their stats are: 900,000 nights in a shelter, 1.1 million meals, 20,000 children and families, at a cost of about $40,000 a year, per person. (San Diego its $110,000 a year per person.)  They operate at least 15 places to receive food and services.  They have 4 large homeless shelters: our own Dorothy Day Center and Elliot Center in Mpls. They have 2000 separate beds.  The largest growth area is  for the Aging and Disabled people of 60 and older. It was up about 9% in 2022. And Seniors need more services.  Mental Health and Drug Rehap is the second most needed area. There is fentanyl in a lot of clients these days as it is in most drugs. They do go out to homeless camps to bring people into warm areas in the bitter cold.  For youth ages 18 to 30 they try to keep them in school or get a job, with training available for the people. If they can help you to stay in your home they will do that by rent help and negotiating rents. Many of their clients are felons so they help them to get a job, by training them.  They see a need to give clients spiritual help, but not Catholic help.   Less than 5% of their total income is from Government agencies, the rest is private funding. They were spun off from the church 12 years ago, but still remain integral part of the Catholic Church.  They were founded by the Church 150 years ago. You do NOT need to be Catholic to use their services, they are open to all.  
President Elect Fisher and President Gains from Mpls gave highlights of what each club’s special projects are.  Mpls has 75 members and St. Paul has 132 members. Nice going St. Paul!
President Dave Dominick welcomed all at 5:25pm.  The pledge of allegiance was said by all.
Bill Collins led us in the Four-Way Test.  Bo Aylin introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.
The 3 guests of members were introduced as potential new members.  There were 30 people in attendance.
Shelly Rucks introduced the program.  Our speaker, Stephen B. Young, Saint Paul Rotary member.
Steve talked about his new book and the “50th Anniversary of Kissinger’s Paris Peace Agreement”.
It all started for Steve Young and his career when he was 21 years old, just out of college.
His dad was ambassador to Thailand from 1961 – 1963 for President Kennedy. I know Henry Kissinger once spoke in the Twin Cities, from my research.
Steve mentioned his private, one on one conversation with former President Richard Nixon.
Having read several books about Henry A. Kissinger who is still alive and 99 years old, just short of 100 years, born May 27, 1923.  Steve Young talked about Henry Kissinger and mentioned many things that would not be known unless you read Steve Young’s book “Kissinger’s Betrayal How America Lost the Vietnam War.” This was a top 10 5:01 event for Saint Paul Rotary. 
President Dave mentioned Rotary Awareness Day 2023 at the State Capitol.  Several Rotarians were in attendance.  The first club visioning session in several years took place at Boy Scout Base Camp at Fort Snelling.   Twenty-one Saint Paul Rotarians participated with the assistance of four district volunteers, leading and formalizing future club goals.
President Dave mentioned February birthdays and club anniversaries, topping the list was Jerry Meigs with 57 years.   Club Treasurer Elect Bo Aylin collected Happy Dollars.  Club Announcements by President Dave Dominick mentioned Signature Luncheon February 14, 2023 Joint meeting with Minneapolis Club #9 at Saints Stadium.  Speaker will be Michael Goar, Catholic Charities CEO.  5:01 February 21, 2023 will be “Treasure of Trash’ presented by Landmark Jewelers.  Adjournment followed at 6:20pm.  Call Bob Cardinal if you have any questions:  651-398-1457
Preorder for Stephen Young's book can be accessed at the links below:
Past President Todd Nicholson opened the meeting for Dave Dominick, as YMCA business kept Dave away.   The Pledge of Allegiance is back again! Hooray! Our own former Queen Beth Naughton was the introducer for Guests, visiting Rotarians, and happy dollars. Beth has recently retired for the Minnesota Historical Society. Best of luck on your new found free time!  This was St. Paul Rotary’s almost 70th year hosting the Royalty of the Winter Carnival. And what a joyous occasion it was.  Rotary boasts of 11 Kings, 9 Prime Ministers, (of which my father Richard T. Murphy was one in 1961.) Several winds of which Jason DeCouster was one - he was a West Wind and wore his hat to celebrate.  And some guards and captions of the guards (of which Richard Murphy was one). And yes we did have two of those Vulcans as Rotarians too.  I am also the daughter of a former Queen: Queen Helen Duffy Murphy in 1947.
 Former Prime Minister Jay Pfaender introduced the Royal Family. 
All of the court was present: North Wind and his princess, South Wind and his princes, East Wind and his princess, and West Wind with his Princess, and Klondike Kate, and members of the Senior Royalty.   And Aurora Queen of the Snows: Liv Swenson.  King Boreas was Leo Lewis and who spoke about that community, service and volunteerism are the keys to a good contribution to society.
The Court knighted all 5 of our foreign exchange students!  They were very thrilled to be knighted.  King Leo also knighted our own Beth Naughton!
A good time was had by all!
Laurie Murphy, scribe.
Saint Paul Rotary Signature Luncheon     Tuesday, January 24, 2023
President Dave Dominick welcomed Rotarians and called to order the meeting at 12:15pm.
Meeting greeters included John Andrews, Ken Schaefer, Ellen Kennedy, and Brianna Haglin.
The excellent technology team members included Matt Magers, Noble Orji, and Dave Wolfgram.
The scribe counted 45 Saint Paul Rotarians and guests in attendance.  Shelly Rucks gave the Inspirational Minute and led the meeting in the 4-Way Test.  Past president John Chandler introduced several
guests.  The speaker introduction by Incoming President Heidi Fischer
Heidi introduced Hamline University President Fayneese S. Miller.  President Miller has been
President of Hamline University since 2015.   President Miller presented many firsts of Hamline
in Minnesota and nationally.  John Chandler, with the revolving microphone assisted Rotarians
with questions for President Miller.  President Miller added more than just a simple answer to the
questions.  Happy Dollars were collected by John Chandler. 
President Dave announced upcoming events.  Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm .
If you have any questions, feel free to call:  Bob Cardinal  M: 651-398-1457