On February 19, 2010 the Rotary Club of Saint Paul celebrated its 100th anniversary. This section is dedicated to our first century of service, its celebration during the Rotary Year 2009/2010, and its impact on our service in the years to come.

The exploits of our club during its first 100 years fill volumes. Literally. The second volume of our club history has just been published and is available from our club office.

But for a more anecdotal and lighthearted view of our history, read the Centennial Minutes that then-vice president Doug Hartford presented at our club meetings in the run-up to the centennial celebration. And continue your exploration with the bite-sized Centennial Facts that he delivered as president during our centennial year at the weekly luncheons.

Be sure to also take a look at our Centennial Service Projects that celebrated our legacy in deeds better than any party could do it. Not that we have anything against parties -- that's why we held two of them: A Joint Centennial Luncheon with the Rotary Club of Minneapolis, featuring Rotary International President John Kenny, and our Centennial Gala.

Finally, wrapping up the year, the President's Report summarizes the past, present, and future, leading the way into our second century of service.