1. Check in with your local Rotary Club to see how they want to nominate students
  2. If your local club selects you to attend, fill out the electronic registration form linked in the sidebar
  3. Send a signed copy of the release forms to applications@campryla.com

All Camp RYLA participants are selected and sponsored by their local Rotary Club. Some clubs will have you fill out a paper form that helps them keep track of students. Once students have been nominated by their club, please fill out the electronic form for us, with the link located to the left and fill out the release forms. The release forms must be signed by a parent if you are under 18 in order to participate in camp.

Students interested in attending should should speak to their guidance counselor, or other Rotary contact.  Applications should be given to your guidance counselor or, if requested by the club, to the club's contact person. For other students, please contact your local Rotary Club.  Note: for Saint Paul students, the Saint Paul Rotary club uses referrals from guidance counselors, who may contact us at info@campryla.com

For the application deadline, please refer to the current year's official announcement that can also be found on the sidebar to the left. Note that your local club's deadline will vary. Be sure to verify with your local club when you will need to submit your application to them. You cannot apply directly to Camp RYLA as your local club will have to sponsor you.

Each club is charged for this event based on the number of students apply (there is no fee for the students), so please be prepared to commit to the entire weekend. Some limited exceptions can be made for late arrivals on Friday and early Tuesday departures.  Time for religious services will also be provided, on request.

If you are unsure which club to apply to, please contact info@campryla.com to help you identify a potential sponsor club.

Successful applicants will receive information packet typically by early April.