Posted by Laurie M. Murphy on Jul 27, 2023
Rotary Minutes Dave Roast July 18, 2023
The roast opened with Dana Bruce being the Greeter. Then Todd Nicholson did the 4-way test.
The roast began with the “Day in the Life of Dave Dominick” by the Club 10 Players. This skit was very humorous.  Shelly Rucks began by saying that Dave is like a superman.  Bill Collins did a spoof on Daves running around.   John Andrews pointed out that Dave makes the best cupcakes.  Paul Meekin: he has a clone that never sleeps. Bill Collins: Thanked Dave for his dedication, friendly demeanor and kindness in his manor. Ken Crabbe:  was thankful that Dave was always ready with his power point presentation.  John Andrews said that Dave was in charge of the largest scout troop in USA.  Ken Schaffer said that Dave really lives the 4 way test.  Shelly Rucks said Dave always shows his appreciation, which was great for all. Bill Collins pointed out that the Club 10 Players had to cross the picket line for Dave (there was a strike in Hollywood at the time). Bob Cardinal: what is the difference between a baseball cupcake and a muffin? The batter!  Dave always writes the person a note whether it is their Anniversary date in Rotary, etc.  He has a welcoming attitude, is positive and has a lot of joy for all of us.  Dave’s Mom passed away this year and he sent a note to two Rotarians regarding their mothers passing a way. Tom Farnham said that Dave has is a cupcakeaholic!  He has made about 7000 cupcakes a year. Dave has been a Rotarians for 36 years! Thank you Dave.  The evening ended with a standing ovation for Dave. Dave thanked everyone.
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