Posted by Lynne Beck on Jun 29, 2023
Rotary Club of Saint Paul
                                                             June 27, 2023                     
President Dave Dominick called the hybrid meeting to order at 12:20 pm. Lynne Beck was scribe. The greeters were Shelly Rucks and Michael-jon Pease. The A/V Tech Team was Matt Magers, Ken Crabb and Al Zdrazil.
Dave Dominick led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Bob Cardinal gave an Inspirational Minute about putting the Rotary emblem on the back window of a SUV. When it is there, you can tell whether the window is up or down. Things are up when the window is up. He then led members in the 4-Way Test.
John Andrews introduced visiting Rotarians and guests, including Brianna’s husband Adam Haglin from the White Bear Lake club and Aaron Gjerde’s son Finn who traveled around Europe with him. John also asked for Happy Dollars: John Chandler for LSU baseball’s national championship, and John Andrews for the 95th anniversary of Boy Scout property purchased by the Rotary Foundation.
Foundation President John Chandler introduced the members of the St. Paul Foundation Board of Directors: Jerry Faletti, Deb Katzmark, Todd Nicholson, Michael-jon Pease, Chuck Whitaker, Dion Powers, and Linda Mulhern.
Dave Dominick introduced Past Presidents who were at the meeting: Todd Nicholson, 2021-2022; Jason Bradshaw, 2020-2021; Michael-jon Pease, 2019-2020; John Chandler, 2018-2019; Carla Hauge, 2015-2016; Doug Bruce, 2011-2012; John Andrews, 2010-2011; Doug Hartford, 2009-2010; Al Zdrazil, 2008-2009; Joe Kovarik, 2007-2009; Nancy McKillips, 2001-2002; Ken Crabb, 1992-1993; Jay Pfaender, 1984-1985; Jerry Miegs, 1981-1982.
  • Jerry Miegs, Past International Director presented Bill Neilsen with an award for his 50 years of perfect attendance.
  • Todd Nicholson, Past President presented Ken Schaefer and Ken Crabb with Spirit of Rotary Awards for their dedication and contributions to the club. Ken Schaefer did a fantastic job as the chair of the program committee, going well beyond the call of duty. Ken Crabb led the tech team, was Director Emeritus last year, has been on many committees, and served as District Governor.
Outgoing President’s Remarks
President Dave Dominick gave his State of the Club Report. Highlights of 2022-2023 were:
  • Accomplishments
  • Community Service Project Recap
  • International Service Project Recap
  • Social Engagement Recap
  • Public Image and Awareness
  • Strengthening our Club Recap
  • St. Paul Rotary Foundation Recap
Dave Dominick was presented with the president’s plaque and past president’s pin.  Dave presented President Heidi Fisher with the Gavel and President’s Pin.
Michael-jon Pease introduced the 114th President, Heidi Fisher. He said she leads through the 4-Way Test and has style, grace, and a sense of humor.
President Heidi Fisher said she will follow the international theme: Create Hope in the World.  She believes in fellowship, integrity, service, diversity, and leadership.
The 2023-2024 Club Board of Directors is:
President Heidi Fisher
President Elect Shelly Rucks
Treasurer Bo Aylin
Secretary Aaron Gjerde
SGT At Arms Brianna Haglin
Director Emeritus Michael-jon Pease
Immediate Past President Dave Dominick
Returning Directors: John Bennett, Victoria Cammack, Steve Gerber, Susan Rostkoski
Incoming Directors: Matt Magers, Melissa Musliner, Andrew Vincelli, Karin Ciano, John Kupris
Heidi Fisher made the following club announcements:
501: July 4th – Cancelled
Signature Luncheon: July 11, 2023
Phil Esten, Athletic Director, St. Thomas
President Dave’s Roast
Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Pool & Yacht Club
$35 – RSVP by July 11, 2023
The meeting closed at 1:10 pm.  
Lynne Beck Scribe