Posted on Nov 11, 2020
President Jason Bradshaw opened the meeting at 12:15 with some updates for the club:
  • New members – despite the pandemic and thanks to Dana Bruce we are seeing growth in membership
  • Please considering helping out with our A/V (audio visual) needs at meetings
  • Kudos to Heidi Fischer and Dana Bruce for their recent presentations at the District meeting
  • Hybrid meetings – we are continuing to evaluate (agenda item for tomorrow’s Board meeting)
  • Rotary Masks are available for $10 with proceeds going to the Rotary Foundation
Bob Cardinal presented the inspirational minute about the policeman and the man who lost his wallet
Todd Nicholson introduced visiting Rotarians and guests
Dana Bruce introduced our “soon-to-be” new member, Josh Bykowski (Josh’s application is in!)
Program:  Dr. Ken Crabb introduced Chief Todd Axtell of the St Paul Police Department.
  • Chief Axtell began his remarks by thanking all veterans (Veterans Day is tomorrow)
  • He described 2020 as the most challenging year in the history of policing in St Paul
  • Crime is up 14%, but sexual assaults and burglaries are down; fired shots (guns) continue to be a big problem
  • SPPD and Rotary share common goals:  Helping people in need
  • The COAST project was discussed (Community Outreach And Stabilization Team)
  • Chief Axtell invited Sergeant Jamie Sipes to add his remarks on the COAST program – the key elements:
    • Mental Illness work group
    • Recovery Access Program (for those suffering with addiction)
    • Homeless outreach program
  • COAST is designed to pair specially trained officers embedded with Social Workers with the idea of getting a changed response when handling incidents in the community
  • The program has become a best practice model in the region
  • Police are also responding to calls, when appropriate, with an LADC (Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor)
  • Sgt Sipes explained the different (softer) approach includes officers who wear a different uniform and make regular visits to homeless encampments
  • At the close of the program, President Jason presented a certificate to Sgt Sipes, explaining a donation would be made to Cherish All Children in honor of their presentation today
New Member Introduction (Michael-jon Pease):  Everyone was delighted to welcome Dawn Selle from the Hallie Q. Brown Center
Upcoming Events:
  • Nov 21 – Turkey Meal Giveaway (meal packs)
  • Dec 3 – Winter Spark – Michael-jon surprised us all with his PJs after stripping out of his very well-appointed attire
    • Ok to come casual as this year’s gala will be virtual
    • The $60 registration includes an Ignition Pack and 3 custom cocktail recipes from Pam Chandler
    • See Deb Katzmark with your auction items for donation
    • Looking for singers to perform the “12 Days of Rotary” – a treat not to be missed
Happy Dollars
  • Scott Van and family welcomed a new grand-daughter:  Sophia
  • Brianna Vujovich. is ENGAGED!
Meeting adjourned on time.
Bo Aylin