Posted by Dave Dominick on Jul 27, 2021
Our Club Membership Committee created a task force to review current membership dues categories and rates. Club Treasurer Dave Dominick chaired the taskforce with task force members consisting of PDG Ken Crabb, Heidi Fisher, President Jason Bradshaw, incoming President Todd Nicholson and Dana Bruce.  Objectives of the task force was to review current membership categories, cleanup membership pricing, simplify prices and combine categories when possible.
The pandemic has created more opportunities to keep our members connected and engaged. Your membership provides virtual options to stay connected, 5:01 begins twice a month at the University Club, Club Meetings – getting back to normal or more normal, fellowship & networking, service to Our Community & World plus supporting members impacted by COVID (COVID Relief Plan).
A new membership category has been created.  Rotary Flex Membership category offers to support Under 40, COVID Relief & Senior Active Members into this new membership category. Rotary Flex supports those not ready to come back yet to our in-person club meetings or attending in person is a challenge.  Members utilizing this category will be encouraged to become Individual Active Member after attending 6 luncheons per year (Seniors and under 40’s will be exempt from this request).
Our three categories will be Active, Rotary Flex and Corporate/Duo. Active membership will remain the same at $90 per month. Rotary Flex will be $45 per month which does not include meals. Under 40 will see an increase of $5 per month and Senior Active will see a $10 increase per month. Corporate/Duo will see an increase of $10 per month. New increases will take effect on July 1st.  Current Corporate/Duo rate of $125 remain until December 31, 2021.  Any member paying annually will not see an increase until they renew their dues if their membership category has an increase.
The Club is securing a credit card square for processing meals of guests & Rotary Flex members at our in-person meetings.
Members are asked to pay annually or by monthly auto draft from bank account or credit card. Please make sure your credit card information is up to-date.  If you need help updating your credit card information, please contact Dave Dominick. Any questions about the new membership category or rate increases can be directed to Dave Dominick.