Please join us at Regions Hospital on April 9th for our annual Rotation Day meeting!  The day will include a tour of the new Health Partners Simulation Center.

Practice makes perfect, but how do you practice brain surgery or caring for a person who's been in a car accident?

The newly opened HealthPartners Institute Clinical Simulation Center at Regions Hospital will allow our care teams to do exactly that – train for all manner of medical scenarios using innovative tools like virtual reality headsets, three-dimensional printing, and high-fidelity mannequins that mimic real-life.

“These investments in clinical simulation help us deliver industry-leading continuing education opportunities that translate to better care for our patients, members and communities,” said Regions Hospital President Megan Remark.

Join Saint Paul Rotary’s Rotation Day, April 9 to meet Ryan Aga, Director, and hear him describes how the new simulation center will replicate real-life scenarios. This new area trains more than 8,000 health care workers each year, along with local medical and nursing students, emergency medicine and fire department personnel, and even local high school students who are exploring health careers.

Registration for this event is now closed.

Meet between 11:45 – 12noon in the hospital’s South Lobby – by the Emergency entrance.  There is underground parking and the elevator will bring you right to the lobby. Gather by our Rotary banner.

Lunches and parking validation will be provided.