During the summer, 2008, the Rotary Club of Saint Paul created "Uniquely Saint Paul", a self-guided walking tour in celebration our 21st Century River City's most distinctive qualities. We worked closely with the City of Saint Paul. Please download the colorful map/brochure and enjoy a leisurely walk yourself -- or stop along so that you can take or schedule special tours of some of the buildings you'll be visiting.

Ten reasons to take a walk through downtown Saint Paul.

  1. Because you want to support Saint Paul Rotary, Club #10.
  2. You've always wondered why "Rice Park" was named "Rice Park".
  3. You had NO idea that Saint Paul commemorates Herb Brooks with a bronze "bigger than lifesize" statue-much like the man himself.
  4. You've said to yourself, "I wonder what the oldest athletic organization in Minnesota is, hmmmm."
  5. You didn't realize that the heating and cooling system used for our downtown buildings is considered a national model, using wood waste as a primary fuel.
  6. You always thought that mazes were for old English country castles. Saint Paul has one here in our Big Back Yard.
  7. You'd like to see where Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Kline, Tommy Lee Jones and Garrison Keillor made the 2006 film, "A Prairie Home Companion".
  8. There's just something about a perfect ham and cheese omelet.
  9. You always thought Saint Paul was a "law 'n' order" town; so who was Ma Barker and what was the Landmark Center used for?
  10. When Charles Schulz stopped penning his Peanuts gang, you thought you'd lost your best friends.