This project was the direct outgrowth of a GSE team visit by District 5960 to Ecuador in spring 2007, headed by Al Zdrazil. This project was been approved by our district and Rotary International as Matching Grant #68535.

The project funded:

  • 5 Farmer Fields Schools, where 20-50 local farmers are brought together weekly or bi-weekly to observe two plots of agricultural land. One plot uses traditional, local practices. The second plot is an improved management plot that illustrates improved ecosystem health, reduced pesticide use and management intensification. Through farm field demonstration and idea exchange, participants move to new techniques, improved problem-solving, crop and water management, money management and marketing strategies.
  • 20 micro-irrigation systems, where a ground depression is dug and lined with an imperveous membrane to capture rainy season runoff water.. The resulting 40,000 - 90,000 liter impoundments will be mated with micro-irrigation distibution systems, filters, drip lines and sprinklers for 20 farms.
  • 2 tree nurseries will be built to culture 10,000 trees, with water supplied through the geomembrane tanks discussed above. Greenhouse construction costs include aggregate media, posts, doors, windows, plumbing, tools, barbed wire and micro-irrigation. After project completion, primary and host club Rotarians will assist with planting some 10,000 trees --- the first batch from the greenhouse.

Nine small villages will participate in this project --- at an elevation of 8,700 ft. above sea level. Two hundred resource poor families from Ilalo (about 1,000 people) of which half earn less than $99/month and three fourths earn less than $299/month will participate.


 $6,367 St. Paul Rotary
   $100 Rotary Club of Los Chillos Milenio, Ecuador
 $6,367 District 5960
 $9,601 Rotary Foundation

$22,435 Total